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I'm 30, and I live in Central New Jersey. I am Italian, English and American Indian. I've played the guitar since I was 8 years old, and have been in a few bands. Now I mostly just play with myself... guitar that is. I dispatch the railroad between Trenton and New York, and I love my job. We use touch-screen computers to line up switches and display signals for freight and passenger trains belonging to Amtrak, NJ Transit, Septa, Conrail and the Long Island Railroad. We also have a large screen that displays the whole track layout showing the location and number of each train. The system is called CETC, and is being phased in on the North East Corridor. I like to have fun outdoors, and am getting pretty good at tennis. But I really love fishing with my Dad and close friends. Music and nature are very spiritual to me. I'm quite single. Sometimes I wonder if there are any normal, sane women out there who'll put up with me (I'm abnormal and insane).

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updated: 12/01/99

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